Warrant Surrenders

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Warrant Surrenders

Warrant Surrenders  | Pat Ashcraft Bail Bonds - Owasso, OK

If you learn that you or someone close to you has a warrant out for their arrest, the worst thing you can do is to ignore it or try to run away. Your legal matters at every stage will be made much worse by doing either of these things. The best option in this situation is something called warrant surrenders. This is a process where you turn yourself in to the police before they have to come looking for you. It can make a big difference with your sentencing, because it makes you look willing to accept the consequences.

Rather than just walking into a police station and giving yourself up, many people throughout the Owasso, OK area will come to Pat Ashcraft Bail Bonds to help them with their warrant surrenders. The process is relatively quick, and it can have you back home much sooner than you might expect. I will look up your warrant to make sure we have the most current information. Then I will help you fill out all of the necessary paperwork before personally escorting you to the jail.

Once you have been booked and everything is on record, we can proceed with a bail bond so that you can remain free until your court date. This way you avoid getting locked up while also earning brownie points with the court. That’s why warrant surrenders are considered a far better option than any other choice you might make. Don’t ignore potential trouble. If you have a warrant for your arrest, call now and let me help you get everything cleared up!

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